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Greg Kasner | Ponte Palmero

Greg Kasner

Executive Director

Greg Kanser has been at Ponté Palmero since 2011. Greg’s favorite part of his job as Executive Director is spending time with the residents. In his free time, he enjoys reading and spending time with his loved ones.

Jena Amador | Ponte Palmero

Jena Amador

Business Office Director

Jena Amador has worked at Ponté Palmero since 2018. When asked what the best part of her job was, she said, “I couldn’t ask for better colleagues or a warmer resident family.” Jena loves taking mini road trips with her family and enjoys dancing to her favorite music.

Rachel Amador | Ponte Palmero

Rachel Amador

Sales & Marketing Director

Rachel Amador has been with Ponté Palmero since August 2015. Rachel says the best part of her job is, “Getting to help families in need and seeing residents thrive in a safe environment that supports their independence, while providing necessary care.” Outside of work, she loves to spend time with her three boys.

Jennifer Davis | Ponte Palmero

Jennifer Davis

Sales & Marketing Director

Jennifer Davis has been with Ponté Palmero since February 2021. She finds a lot of joy spending time with residents and their families as well as the compassionate team at Ponté Palmero. In her free time she enjoys spending time with her son and dog taking drives and having adventures in El Dorado County.

Nancy Peabody | Ponte Palmero

Nancy Peabody

Activities & Transportation Director

Nancy Peabody has worked at Ponté Palmero since 2017. Nancy says the best part of her job is, “Working with the seniors and hearing all of their amazing stories!” Nancy enjoys mountain biking, kayaking, surfing and just being in the outdoors.

Shane Doyle | Ponte Palmero

Shane Doyle

Dining Director

Shane Doyle has worked at Ponté Palmero since March 2020. Shane loves the people at Ponté Palmero, and as Dining Director he loves getting to know each resident personally. Shane enjoys working on cars in his spare time and cooking, of course!

Bob Piercey | Ponte Palmero

Bob Piercey

Maintenance Director

Bob Piercey has been with Ponté Palmero since February 2021. The best part of his job is "There is always something to do to stay busy!" He enjoys helping the residents and working on all the various projects. In his free time, Bob enjoys sculpting.

Betsy Bernadine RN | Ponte Palmero

Besty Bernardine, RN

Clinical Director

Betsy Bernardine joined Ponté Palmero in 2016. Betsy is the Clinical Director and loves using her medical knowledge to make a difference and better the lives of the residents. She loves to stay active by skiing, biking, rollerblading and trying new exercise classes!

Amber Hirsa | Ponte Palmero

Amber Hirsa

Assisted Living Director

Amber Hirsa has been at Ponté Palmero since 2016. Amber’s favorite aspect of her job is interacting with the residents. In her free time, she enjoys painting and paddle boarding.


Wendy Middleton | Ponte Palmero

Wendy Middleton

Lighthouse Director

Wendy Middleton has been at Ponté Palmero since 2019. Wendy’s favorite aspect of her job is being able to interact and laugh with the residents and staff. In her free time, Wendy enjoys spending time in nature and camping.


Candace Worth | Ponte Palmero

Candace Worth

Lighthouse Activities Director

Candace Worth has worked in the Memory Care building at Ponté Palmero since 2014. Candace loves working with the residents and says, “They bring joy to my life every single day I’m here.” Outside of work, she enjoys hiking and spending time with her four granddaughters.


Teri Allen | Ponte Palmero

Teri Allen

Clinical Director

Teri Allen has been at Ponte Palmero since 2016. After a 2 year absence, she is glad to be back with the team. "It is my pleasure to be back in a beautiful setting, surrounded by amazing staff and wonderful residents.” Outside of work, Teri enjoys spending time with her friends, children, and grandchildren.



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