Is It Time To Consider Assisted Living in El Dorado County

July 13, 2023 / Senior Living Community
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A senior couple walks along a shady road with their dog. Is it time to consider assisted living?

For many seniors, an assisted living community is the perfect place to retain independence while getting support and care as they age. More than 800,000 aging adults live in an assisted living community. These numbers are only expected to increase with a consistent rise in the average lifespan.

Is it Time to Consider Assisted Living?

Identifying the right time for assisted living involves recognizing when a senior cannot comfortably or safely live at home without assistance. Although the best scenario would be making this decision without urgency, life sometimes necessitates swift action due to a sudden health crisis.

So, how can you decide if an aging loved one is a good fit for an assisted living community?

Assessing Daily Activities

Routine activities, from personal hygiene to mobility, can become increasingly difficult as adults age. Nearly 9% of adults between 75-84 years require personal care assistance, a number that increases to 21% for those aged 85 and above, as reported by the CDC.

Medication management is often a primary concern, and medication errors can pose serious risks. Assisted living communities can help manage these daily tasks, offering seniors and their caregivers much-needed respite.

Socialization and Companionship

A significant perk of assisted living communities is the chance for seniors to cultivate relationships with fellow residents and staff. Engaging in social activities can alleviate feelings of isolation and encourage participation in various activities, ranging from fitness classes to game nights and resident clubs.

Coordinated Healthcare

Assisted living communities help provide coordinated care for residents. Many doctors, physical therapists, and other healthcare professionals provide services within assisted living communities. Transportation for appointments can be arranged for residents when they wish to go see their regular healthcare providers ser. Assisted living can ensure updates from these medical visits are communicated to families and caregivers.

Stress-free Living

As adults age, everyday chores and household maintenance can become taxing. Assisted living communities can provide various household services, from vacuuming and dusting to laundry and interior maintenance, to lift this burden off seniors and their caregivers. Home repairs, exterior maintenance, and landscaping are also taken care of, ensuring seniors live in a stress-free, safe environment.

Nutrition, Exercise, and Wellness

Proper nutrition can become a challenge for seniors due to a lack of energy or resources to grocery shop and cook. Assisted living communities ensure their residents have access to balanced, chef-prepared meals and snacks that cater to various dietary requirements, ensuring optimal health and well-being.

At Ponté Palmero, our El Dorado County assisted living residents enjoy healthy, nutritious restaurant-style meals. Residents with special dietary needs can be accommodated, and seniors can ensure their nutrition needs are met without worrying about preparing and cooking for themselves daily.

Maintaining mobility can also be an important part of a senior's health and well-being. Assisted living communities can provide opportunities for fitness classes, swimming and aqua classes, and group walks. Ponté Palmero's spacious 24-acre campus provides plenty of opportunities for walking within our safe, gated community.

Caregiver Considerations

Providing full-time care for an aging loved one can place an enormous strain on caregivers. This strain can manifest as direct costs, such as home modifications for accessibility, or indirect costs, such as missed professional opportunities. Caregivers can feel isolated, missing out on social and family activities. Therefore, it is essential for caregivers to assess their own well-being and ability to continue providing adequate care.

Taking a step back from the rigors of caregiving and assessing your own health — and stress — is essential. Negative feelings about yourself, your loved one, your life direction, and lack of rest could signal a need for respite. Ensuring that the care provided doesn't compromise a caregiver's health or relationship with their loved one is vital.

Recommendations from Trusted Others

Insights from friends, family members, or the loved one's physician can also help guide the decision to transition to assisted living. Often, caregivers might be oblivious to their own burnout and fatigue, making external perspectives valuable in safeguarding their mental and emotional health.

While each individual's circumstances are unique, a key indication that it may be time for assisted living is if the caregiver feels persistently overwhelmed. Alarmingly, about two-thirds of primary caregivers have reported a decline in their own physical and mental health due to their caregiving responsibilities.

In general, seniors who are relatively independent but need assistance with daily tasks like brushing their teeth, managing medications, and bathing might find assisted living a good fit. Assisted living also offers a vibrant social environment and mental stimulation, which can be beneficial for aging adults and the family members who care for them.

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