Employee Compliance Pledge

Our team has committed to comply with COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Workplace protocols include but are not limited to employees will thoroughly wash hands and frequently use hand sanitizer, not come to the workplace if he or she is experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms, practice social distancing, wear PPE when in close proximity to residents, and subject themselves to temperature monitoring. As well, employees have pledged to follow these protocols while outside the workplace as well. All of our employees take the health and safety of the residents extremely seriously and have each personally signed the COVID-19 compliance certification that agrees to follow these protocols.

To view the full list of compliances that employees have agreed to, please see below.



Each Villas at Stanford Ranch employee certifies that they understand the workplace protocols described below, that they have been complying with them, and that they will use their best efforts to continue complying with these protocols:

  • I shall not report to, or be at, the workplace if I am presenting any symptom(s). I understand the Community does not want me to compromise my health or the health of others by being at the workplace if I am exhibiting symptoms.
  • I will wash my hands thoroughly upon entering and upon leaving any resident unit.
  • I will use hand sanitizer frequently in between hand washing, especially when entering and leaving Community common areas, employee break room, and workspaces.
  • I will cover my mouth and nose with a flexed elbow or tissue when coughing and sneezing. I will discard the used tissue immediately and wash my hands with soap and water or use an alcoholbased hand rub.
  • I will maintain social distance – Whenever possible, I will keep a minimum distance of 6 feet between myself and any other person.
  • I will use appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (“PPE”) when in proximity of residents and around others in the Community – gloves, masks, as well as gowns and eye protection when required.
  • I will take my temperature upon arriving for every shift, reporting any abnormal temperatures, and will report any potential symptom I may be experiencing.
  • If I have questions or concerns I will inform management immediately.

As employees of a DSS Licensed RCFE Community, we understand and pledge to adhere to the responsibilities to comply with all legal orders relating to “Shelter in Place” outside of the workplace. We shall employ “Best Practices” while not at the workplace and use my best efforts:

  • To comply with and maintain recommended social distancing standards.
  • To avoid unnecessary socialization and gatherings that may result in exposing myself and ultimately Community Residents.
  • To avoid sharing of any item that might serve to spread the COVID-19 virus. To wash my hands and sanitize very frequently.

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