"Just a few words to give kudos to all the workers, staff, and especially the executive director of Ponté Palmero, Greg Kasner, during this time of the pandemic stress! I think I speak for most all of the residents at Ponte who are in the “elderly” category, and many with so-called “underlying” conditions, that we feel entirely safe and so well taken care of. Everyone, including relatives, are well screened when they come to our gate! This, in itself, gives us great comfort and peace-of-mind. We’re also kept positively inspired by Greg’s many phone messages most every day! To everyone taking extraordinary care of us, now and as always, a heartfelt THANK YOU!"

- Bob Webb, Resident

"I wonder how many people can say this in today’s environment: 'I am so grateful that I live in a community that works 24/7 to protect me.' The Team at Ponté are diligently and graciously supported by an ambitious and thoughtful Executive Director. He, in turn, supports his team (Activities, Assisted Living, Food Services, Maintenance, and Marketing) who have made being 'sheltered-in-place' a functional, happy, and healthy organization in an unprecedented time of our lives. I simply want to say a humble 'Thank You' to all of you who make our lives 'happy and healthy' at this time."

- Vergie Drury, Resident

"Ponté Palmero and staff did an excellent job handling the very difficult Covid19 pandemic at the facility. My Dad, Bob 87 years old, lived at Ponté for about 6 years and enjoyed his time at Ponté. Dad passed last week, unrelated to any Covid issues. I always felt his care was very good and staff was attentive. Dad always enjoyed his meals and I felt the food was healthy. We enjoyed many breakfasts at Ponté in the time he was there. When the Covid issues starting hitting the news, Ponté was right on it. The Covid situation changed rapidly for everyone and I felt Ponté responded well and rapidly as things changed and it was clear that the Covid issues were worsening across and the state and nation. Greg did an excellent job providing information to residents and families with his calls and 'standby for a community message.' I very much appreciated the detailed information he provided on all the steps that Ponté and staff were taking. It was clear staff knew it was challenging for families and residents and they helped us out a number of times picking up bills, accepting packages and supplies from us, assisting with phone calls and Facetime calls. I appreciate that Ponté changed gate codes at the very beginning and prevented people from coming into the facility from the very beginning and changed the food service quickly to prevent exposure. I also felt Staff was looking for creative ways to entertain the residents during this tough time. While Covid is not over, hats off to Staff and Greg for how they handled the issues that kept arising."

- Bruce Cline

"Our family is very happy to have moved our parents to Ponté Palmero (in early 2020). When my father was treated for an illness in January, we rapidly needed to find a safer home for him and my mother. After looking at several options, the assisted living situation at Ponté was the winner. The level of assistance is customizable, the meals are terrific and it affords my parents some freedom while having help a button away. And the steps they have taken to protect the community from COVID-19, while stringent, have been incredibly successful and put our entire family’s concerns at ease. Thank you, Ponté Palmero, for your continued care and proactivity in protecting the seniors you provide for."

- Erik Schmid

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