Memory Care

The Lighthouse Memory Care
by Ponté Palmero 

Our residents with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia often have difficulty recollecting the memories that are the signposts of life’s journey. We know the clinical dimensions of this condition and the emotional toll it can exact on residents and their families. The goal of the Lighthouse is to provide a reassuring link to the past, but more importantly, help plot a course for creating new memories through a meaningful, enriching daily regimen.

An Overview of the program

12 hours of planned activities include:

  • Socialization
  • Physical Stimulation
  • Challenging Activities
  • Music Therapy
  • Evening hand and foot massages
  • Pet Therapy
  • A caring specially trained staff
  • One-to-one family counseling
  • A waiver to care for those on Hospice

The program encourages residents to participate and involves a process that enhances their sense of accomplishment, promotes their physical and emotional well-being and reinforces their connection to society. The structure of the living environments comprised of a large family room, a dining area, an outdoor courtyard and resident apartments, is optimized to allow residents to maintain their dignity, increase their sense of belonging and provide opportunities for positive personal interaction.

Compassionate Care

Special needs require a special commitment to compassion for who people are, where they’ve been and what they’re going through. Ponté Palmero is a truly compassionate environment, a fact reflected in our approach, procedures and service offerings. Specially trained and caring staff receive on-going training. We use the most appropriate, progressive techniques, including memory cues and verbal and non-verbal communications. Residents are monitored and services include: arrangement of health care appointments, transportation assistance, help with dressing, standby and full assistance for showering and personal care assistance.

Therapy For The Mind And Body

We know how beneficial physical activity can be to mental acuity, especially for our Memory Care residents. So we try to fill every day with the right balance of movement and activity, always being careful to measure that activity to individual capabilities. Personalized for individual preferences and skill levels, our individual, small and large group activities include gardening, art, music, singing, reminiscence activities, aromatherapy, weekly off-site outings and excursions and holiday celebrations. Of course, family involvement is highly encouraged.

Comforting Surroundings and Supportive Services

Attention is paid to ensure that these accommodations offer ease of living in our Cameron Park CA memory care facility. Meals are prepared daily from fresh ingredients and served in a home-like dining room. Convenient and manageable “finger foods” are available for residents who have difficulty sitting through a meal. The dining area can easily be rearranged to double as a setting for group activities. Living quarters are private and spacious, ready to be individualized with personal furnishings and belongings. Apartments receive daily room tidying and weekly housekeeping. There is personal laundry and linen service available.

Features & Amenities:

  • Large facility with two beautiful atriums
  • Both private and shared rooms available
  • Trained staff for services as needed
  • Chef prepared meals served in the LightHouse dining room
  • Daily planned activities
  • Weekly housekeeping
  • Library



  • Specially trained  and caring staff for services as needed

  • Chef prepared meals, made from scratch 

  • Daily planned activities

  • Daily residence tidying and weekly housekeeping


  • Individualized care and compassionate environment

  • An innovative memory care program

  • Daily enrichment for body and mind

  • Meaningful connections


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